The Art of Designing Responsibly for Climate Change

We’re fossil addicted…if we do nothing, we will be living in alarming toxic amounts of C02 in the 50-100 years not only affecting our children and the next generation, but our ecosystem and existence as we know it.

Climate change is real. This 2 minute video gives an insight to just one of the reasons why I designed my luxury wireless lighting, and why all of us can make a difference; however large or small. I hope you like it… and if you do, please subscribe!  Linda


Design Emotion Materials  Reaction

This is my blog on design philosophy. I realized that some people don’t even know why they select things. 

But when we appreciate the process of what we do in our lives, we learn more about what makes us happy. The, we can apply those emotions to the environments we live in.

I found myself researching the deeper meaning of design. So, I decided to share my research. If you enjoy, please subscribe! I write periodically.

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