About Linda

Linda Allen

Why is it important to me?
Why do we need it?
Who designed it? ..and why?
Why do I care?

More often than not, a design project is viewed and judged at the end without understanding the process. But it’s much deeper than that, to me. Understanding the ‘why” in design depends on our emotions which are determined from our life experiences and childhood background. It’s how we were brought up to feel what’s wrong or right, good or bad. How we look at design is from our view of how we see the world

The final word seems to come from those who write and publish design articles, which of course are validated from design trendsetters. But, I have a whole lot to add from my vantage point. My design and lighting background mixed with world travels gave me the gift of Perspective. So, for those who are interested, I have a lot to share!

So, welcome to the “Why” in Design!

Linda Allen is a visionary interior and lighting designer; most respected for her thoughtfully layered and dramatically lit design projects incorporating a modern sense of nostalgia. Layering light, texture and materials, Linda creates spaces that tell a story, enticing the senses and emotions. Drawing on her passion for design and lighting, Linda embarked on a challenge to create wireless lighting that was elegant yet multifunctional; to expand the possibilities of creating instant Living Rooms, Anywhere. Thus, her patent pending Live. Anywhere. Collection was born; the only Luxury Outdoor Wireless table and floor lamps that compliment Fine Living Furniture to date. This lighting is Energy Efficient and helps save electricity made from materials that won’t harm the environment.

Linda designed interiors for large commercial design firms before Walt Disney Imagineering selected her to incorporate her combined background; designing story-themed light fixtures for a host of interiors and Theme Park projects including Tokyo Disney Seas and Disneyland’s California Adventure. Afterwards, Linda started her own design firm creating custom, hospitality “like” interiors for high profile and “behind the scenes” entertainment clients.

Linda’s work has been featured on Network design shows, and she was recently named one of the top 20 African American Designers in the US. Her work and Lighting have also been highlighted in National Publications, including recently Traditional Home and Veranda Magazine.

Linda holds a degree from California State Long Beach in Interior and Environmental Design with a thesis in lighting. She first apprenticed with Award winning architectural lighting design firms before diving into the world of interiors. Her multiple travels all over the world including to developing countries have given her cultural awareness to design. She gained insight that the power of light can shape and inspire; further enhancing the experience of being immersed in a well designed environment.


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