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Linda Allen

Why is it important to me?
Why do I care?

Because we when we create, we learn more about who we are and why we choose. Many designs projects are  judged at the end without understanding how our own personal experiences help create the look. So many times I find myself becoming a therapist; asking questions digging into research about  my client’s design psychology. Understanding the ‘why” in design depends on so many factors from our life experiences. It’s how we were brought up to feel what’s wrong or right, good or bad. How we look at design is from our view of how we see the world.

Somehow, the final word seems to resonate from design articles, which of course are validated from design trendsetters. But, I have a whole lot to add from my vantage point. My childhood figure skating career, interior design and lighting background mixed with world travels gave me so much Perspective on life, let alone design. So, here’s a place to share all of my research! 

So, welcome to my blog on the “why” in design. 



Linda Allen is a visionary interior and lighting designer; most respected for her thoughtfully detailed custom interiors and modern sense of nostalgia that create a personal design philosophy for her clients. Layering light, texture and materials, Linda creates spaces that tell a story, enticing the senses and emotions. Drawing on her passion for design and lighting, Linda embarked on a challenge to create wireless lighting that was elegant yet multifunctional; to expand the possibilities of creating instant Living Rooms, Anywhere. Thus, her patented Live. Anywhere. Collection was born; the first Luxury Outdoor Wireless table and floor lamps to compliment Fine Living Furniture.

Linda grew up as a competitive figure skater, and earned her B.A. in Interior and Environmental Design with a focus on lighting. She first apprenticed with Award winning architectural lighting design firms before diving into the world of interiors. Linda gained insight that the power of lighting can shape and inspire; further enhancing the experience of being immersed in a well designed environment.

She learned how to create personal stories through design. She first designed interiors and lighting for large design firms, before Walt Disney Imagineering selected her to incorporate her combined interior and lighting background designing story-themed light fixtures for Tokyo Disney Seas and Disney’s California Adventure. 

 started her own firm creating highly detailed, custom interiors for high profile and “behind the scenes” entertainment clients including Magic Johnson’s offices.

Linda’s work has been featured on Network design shows, and has been named to the Library of Congress as an African American “Artmaker” as part of the History Makers. She is part of BADG (Black Artists + Designers Guild) who has been featured in Architectural Digest,  and Elle Décor magazine amongst others), that is a global movement in promoting and celebrating a curated collective group of Black Designers.

Her design work and Lighting have also been highlighted in National Publications, including Luxe Interiors + Design, Better Homes & Gardens, Interiors, Essence, LA Times, Robb Report, Elle Decor, and Traditional Home magazines.

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